SPFL Programs

Boston: New England Monastery Tour

Program Details

The New England Tour was our first mobile program with St. Paul's Fellowship of Labor. We sponsored a trip to monasteries, convents, and sketes within the New England Region. This meant, we would move from one community to the next throughout the week. We offered participants a crash course in candle making, landscaping, painting, and more. Discussions and fellowship were easy to find in this sanctuary filled with cookies, pies, and the warmth of the nuns and monks who dwell therein. Work days were held at The Holy Transfiguration Monastery, The Holy Nativity Convent, and The Skete of the Holy Ascension. Evenings were spent at local parishes and doing walking tours of Boston.

Meet and be hosted by St. Mark's Youth Group. Go into the inner harbor of Boston for a tour, dinner, and evening out. Visit the aquarium in the Boston Harbor. And go to the shore in Maine

Projects of Note:
-Renovation of Barn/Basement
-Cleaning of Buildings
-Gutting Rooms
-Painting and Spackling Rooms
-Cleaning Gutters
-Pouring Cement
-Pond Cleaning
-Tree Clearing